Marine Antifouling

Marine fouling doesn’t just make your boat look unsightly and unloved, it can also foul propellers, block water inlets and outlets, reduce boat speed, increase fuel costs and damage the hull.  Antifouling products have come a long way in recent years and there is now a variety of methods to choose from.  Selecting the right method and product for your boat is dependent on the type and size of boat, location, speed, budget and environmental issues.

Antifouling Paints have been the traditional method for many years and these fall into three categories: Erodible or Self-Polishing which continually exposes a fresh layer of biocide to the water, Traditional or Soft which slowly disperses the active ingredients and Hard which is very durable and suitable for high speed power boats and racing yachts.  Though relatively low cost, antifouling paints need to be replaced every one to two years.

Copper based antifouling systems include epoxy resin coatings filled with pure copper or very thin, self-adhesive copper foil applied directly to a well prepared hull.  These systems are more expensive initially than paint based methods but are very effective and last for ten years or more.

Ultrasonic Antifouling systems are a relatively recent development which are simple to install and eliminate the need to lift and paint each year.  However, up front costs are higher and they are dependent on a continuous power supply, though solar powered units are available.

Antifouling products are available from the following suppliers and all good Chandlers.

Copper Coat
Multiseason copper filled epoxy resin antifouling

Antifouling and related products

Formerly known as ‘Blakes’, range of antifouling, paint, filler and varnish products

International Coatings
Wide range of ‘International’ brand antifoulings, paints and varnishes

Marine Technology Antifouling Systems
Copper-Tek and CuNiGuard copper based antifouling systems

Range of antifoulings and many other marine products

Premier Marine Paints
Range of antifouling products

Range of antifoulings, paints, fillers and varnishes

Shepherd Marine
Jotun Marine paints and antifouling products

Ultrasonic antifouling system

The Foil Specialist Company
‘Copper Shell’ adhesive copper foil antifouling

Ultrasonic Antifouling
Suitable for all hull materials except wood

Ultrasonic Works
The ClearHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System from Ultrasonic Works is an intelligent, well engineered product of exceptional quality, far exceeding the effectiveness of existing primitive ultrasonic antifouling technology